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Video Exam viewing and results

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Video Exam viewing and results

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Exam viewing


Once a video exam has been submitted, it is scheduled into a timetable for an examiner to view. The date of this timetable will be around 3 weeks from when the video is submitted.

The examiner will view a number of videos in the one examining session.




The examiner will provide an exam report for every video exam submitted. These reports will be uploaded to AMEB Connect within two (2) weeks of metropolitan examinations, and three (3) weeks of regional examinations of the exam being viewed.

Certificates will be posted within four (4) weeks of the examination viewing date, provided all additional requirements have been met. Please be patient waiting for your certificates to arrive during this COVID-19 pandemic


> Requirements
> Exam preparation
> Enrolment process
> Recording your video
> Uploading & submitting your video
> Exam viewing and results
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> Music Video exam submission form
> Drama and Communication Video exam submission form