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  • News
    New Horn syllabus

    A new French Horn syllabus is available for examination in 2022

  • News
    Notice of Withdrawal - face to face Theory grade exams

    2022 is the last year for face to face Theory exams

  • News
    Revised Trombone and Euphonium syllabuses

    Revised syllabuses for Trombone, Bass Trombone and Euphonium are available Read more...

  • News
    New Violin syllabus

    A new Violin syllabus is available for examination in 2022

  • News
    News for Trumpet teachers

    Only new Trumpet syllabus available for examination.

Students who complete AMEB (NSW) exams receive a certificate as a record of their achievement.

When will my certificate be issued?

  • Grade exams: Four weeks after the exam
  • Written exams: Eight weeks after the exam
  • Online written exams: Two weeks after the exam

AMEB (NSW) posts certificates to the person who enrolled the student in their exam. We cannot send certificates to anyone else.

AMEB (NSW) is not responsible for the delivery of mail once it has left our office. Please contact Australia Post about reimbursement for lost articles. Any compensation is at their discretion.

Diploma certificates

Students who meet AMEB diploma (AMusA and LMusA) requirements receive their:

  • diploma certificate and
  • distinction medals (where applicable)

at the AMEB (NSW) Annual Diploma Presentation Ceremony in March. Students who cannot attend the ceremony will receive their certificate by mail.

Why haven't I received my certificate?

Does your enroller have your certificate?

AMEB (NSW) sends certificates to the person who enrolled the student in their exam. Your enroller may be holding the certificate for you.

Have you completed all the requirements for your grade?

Candidates may need to complete a grade's practical AND written requirements to receive their certificate.

Check the additional requirements page to see if a requirements has not been met.

Did you use different candidate numbers for your practical and written exams?

Sometimes students enrol in sections of the grade using different candidate numbers. For example, the student is enrolled in the:

  • practical exam by their teacher and the
  • written component by a parent

creating two candidate numbers, neither of which has completed all grade requirements. When both results sit under the same candidate number, we can issue the certificate.

To merge candidate numbers, complete the Merge candidate request form.

Certificates for groups

AMEB (NSW) issues one certificate per group using the group name provided at enrolment. We will also print a certificate listing the names of all group members free of charge on request.

Email AMEB (NSW) with the group name and the names of the individual group members.


Replacement certificates will only be available:

  • two months after the date of the examination and
  • for examinations undertaken in or after 1988.

To order a new certificate, complete the Replacement certificate request form. Please allow two weeks for us to process your request.

Certificates are issued using the name provided at enrolment. You should confirm that the candidate's name is correct in both:

  • AMEB Connect and the
  • Notification of Examination.

to prevent future misprints.

Cost of replacement certificates

AMEB (NSW) charges a fee of $11 to reprint certificates. Requests for:

  • corrections
  • extra copies and
  • replacements.

are all charged at this rate. This includes printing and postage costs.