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Appeals - Diploma Exams

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Appeals - Diploma Exams

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Appeals - Associate Diploma Exam

AMEB (NSW) makes every effort to ensure that exams comply with published policies and procedures.

There may be occasions when teachers, parents and/or candidates wish to lodge a formal appeal about an exam result. Appeals are only accepted from the enrolling person, and only on the official Practical Diploma Examinations Appeal form. Appeals must be received within ten (10) business days of the result being uploaded to AMEB Connect.

Formal procedures must be followed to appeal an exam result. The procedures ensure that:

  • The appellant and candidate are treated with respect and equity.
  • AMEB (NSW) examiners are provided with the right of reply to the appeal.
  • All formal appeals to AMEB (NSW) are treated with sensitivity and confidentiality.


All Appeal Forms must include the Credit card details otherwise the Appeal cannot be processed.

  • $65 Associate Diploma Appeal fee

NOTE: Appeals that are upheld will receive a refund of the appeal fee.

Appeal fees must be paid prior to completing the appeal form. The appeal must be purchased through AMEB Connect.

  • Under the 'Buy Products' icon, simply add the appeal to your basket.
  • Pay for the appeal.
  • Wait for the confirmation email.
  • Include the reference number from the confirmation email in the Practical Diploma Examinations Appeal form.


Associate Diploma exam appeals must be submitted on the Practical Diploma Examinations Appeal form and must address the grounds for appeal below. Attachments will NOT be accepted.


Appeals will be considered on the following grounds:

  • A procedural error on the part of the examiner.
  • An apparent discrepancy between the examiner’s written comments and the result awarded, in relation to published grading descriptors and syllabus objectives.
  • Studio facilities had a direct and substantially adverse effect on the candidate's performance.

Appeals will NOT be accepted on the following grounds:

  • Questioning the academic judgement of the examiner.
  • Questioning the grade awarded to the candidate, without any relevant specific grounds.
  • Comparing the result with that of another candidate.
  • Comparing a candidate’s results from one year to another.
  • Previous performances including school and studio recitals, and eisteddfods etc.

NOTE: Appeals are available to Associate Diploma candidates in relation to Award versus Non-Award only. It is not possible to appeal to change the grade from Award to Distinction.



1. The State Manager will receive the appeal and set up an Appeals Tribunal to review all Associate Diploma documents.
2. The Tribunal will be made up of the relevant Chief Examiner (or a senior examiner in the instrument), a member of the AMEB (NSW) Board, and a member of the Board’s Examinations Committee.
3. Associate Diploma appeals that meet the grounds are sent to the examiners with a copy of the exam report.
4. Examiners must provide a written response to the State Manager.
5. The Tribunal will review all documents and determine the outcome of the appeal.
6. The AMEB (NSW) Board may be consulted regarding issues of more serious nature, including legal matters.


1. After due consideration by the Tribunal of the issues raised, a written response will be provided.
2. Due to the nature of required processes/procedures, it can take 2 to 3 months to finalise the matter and provide a response.

NOTE: The decision of AMEB (NSW) Appeals Tribunal is final. No further correspondence will be entered into.


Appeals will be upheld by the AMEB if any one of the grounds is deemed to have been breached.

If an appeal is upheld, the candidate may retake the examination at no cost and must perform the same program. Where possible, different examiners will examine the candidate. At least one of the examiners will be different.


Licentiate Diploma Exams are a Federal Exam and therefore all Licentiate Diploma exam appeals must be submitted to the AMEB Federal Office.

Click here for further information on submitting a Licentiate Diploma Exam appeal.

The AMEB Federal office can be contacted by:
Phone: 1300 725 709