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Written exam reassessment policy

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Written exam reassessment policy

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Face-to-face written exams

AMEB (NSW) must be notified, using the written exam reassessment form, within 12 weeks of the exam date if you believe an error has been made in the marking of the exam and would like to request a reassessment.

A $50 fee must be submitted along with the written exam reassessment form. The fee will only be processed in the event that the re-marking of the paper results in the same mark as the original, ie no examiner error or calculation error has been established.

All face-to-face written exam papers from Grade 4 upwards with a result of 63 or 64 will automatically be reassessed by a second assessor. The reviewed mark will be the mark recorded and the reviewed report will be issued to the enrolling person.

The assessor's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding that decision.

Online written exams

Appeals for a reassessment of an online written exam are sent to the Federal AMEB office who review the appeal request. To lodge an appeal, please complete the Online Written Examination Reassessment form including payment of:

  • A fee of $20 for Grades 1 – 5
  • A fee of $30 for Grade 6 and Grade 7 (Speech & Performance Theory only).