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Rockschool logo

UK based Rockschool specialises in music of the most popular genres in a range of rock, pop, metal and funk styles. They offer syllabuses, exams and qualifications for guitar, bass, drums, vocals, piano, band-based keyboards and bands.

Rockschool qualifications are internationally recognised with tens of thousands of exams conducted in the UK and around the world.

Rockschool syllabuses and exams are delivered in Australia through the AMEB.

Exams are offered in both face to face exam or video exam format.

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Changes in 2022

There are some exciting and important changes for Rockschool exams in 2022:

  • Live accompaniment is now allowed in Rockschool exams. The new Vocals books even come with piano accompaniment parts.  
  • Self-accompaniment is also now allowed in Rockschool exams. You can sing along to your guitar piece or play piano while you sing your vocal piece.
  • Minor creative choices are now permitted when playing the notation in Grade book pieces. You can embellish the melodies and make small changes to the written score. You will not be penalised for these deviations.
  • Backing tracks are no longer mandatory for Free Choice Pieces. You can play with, or without, a backing track (or accompaniment).


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Choose your exam

Face to face exam options

You may sit either a

Grade Exam (Debut to Grade 8)
  • 3 performance pieces — 2 of which may be Free Choice Pieces
  • Technical work
  • Unseen Tests: sight-reading or improvisation (or Quick Study Pieces from Grade 6), Ear Tests and General Musicianship Questions

or a

Performance Certificate (Premiere to Grade 8)
  • 5 performance pieces — 3 of which may be Free Choice Pieces
  • No technical work or unseen tests

Video exam options

You have two options;

Graded Certificate (Debut to Grade 8)
  • 3 performance pieces — 2 of which may be Free Choice Pieces
  • ALL the Technical work as outlined in the Technical work guidelines
  • No unseen tests
  • These exams have been extended to include all grades up to Grade 8
  • Graded Certificates are the online alternative for Graded Music Exams
Performance Certificate (Premiere to Grade 8)
  • 5 performance pieces – 3 of which may be Free Choice Pieces
  • No technical work or unseen tests


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Enrol in a Rockschool exam through AMEB Connect


Enrolling for the first time?

Follow our step by step guide to enrolling in an exam in AMEB Connect

Who can enrol a student in an exam?


Rockschool exam dates

The Rockschool exam dates can be found on the Exam dates page.


Rockschool exam fees and codes

The Rockschool fees are available on the Exam fees and codes page.



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Prepare for your Face to face exam

Purchase your grade books

Login to AMEB Connect to purchase your Rockschool grade books

Syllabus information

A note about Free Choice Pieces

Free Choice Pieces can be chosen from the following sources:

  • Songs in the public domain, including hits from the charts
  • Pieces from other exam boards
  • A piece from our Rockschool Classics series (guitar and drums)
  • Own composition

Please download and read the Free Choice Pieces guidelines carefully when selecting a work

Sheet music (for the examined instrument line) must be provided for both face to face and video exams.

If you are using a backing track, this must be provided at face-to-face exams on a USB stick.

Understand how many pieces you need to prepare and whether any technical work or unseen tests will be included in your chosen exam.


Other information

Rockschool FAQs about exams.

Here are some Useful exam tips.

Read this additional information on preparing for your Rockschool exam.



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Prepare and record your Video exam

When is my video due?

You have up to 21 days from the date of enrolment to submit your video exam recordng.  


How to prepare

Before recording your exam you should read the following information about Rockschool Video Exams and the Technical Exercises for Graded Certificates (Debut to 8).


Free Choice Pieces

Sheet music (for the examined instrument line) must be provided for both face to face and video exams.


How to record your video

Follow these Rockschool Video Exam tips to give yourself the best opportunity for success.

For Rockschool Video Exams to be valid, there are a number of rules you must adhere to:

  • The exam needs to captured as a single, continuous shot in real time -  you must not stop or pause the camera in between pieces.
  • You must not use video editing software to cut out takes or reduce the time between pieces -the video should represent an exam taken in person as closely as possible, so do not worry about taking a little time setting up between pieces
  • Your face must be visible in the video, so we can identify the person taking the exam - please refer to the framing guide for further details.
  • Candidates  should  introduce  themselves by their full name, the date including the year, the exam grade and discipline they are taking, as well as introducing each piece.
  • Drummers supplying video exams using mobile phones or cameras where it has  not  been possible to create a successful balance between drums and backing track only need to supply video of their drum performance - but as well as introducing each piece should audibly mark the second bar of the count in by clicking their sticks together. This will allow your examiner to sync the video to the backing track for assessment. Failure to indicate the count-in could make the synchronisation between video and audio impossible and may result in the exam being deemed inadmissible for assessment by a marker.
  • Grade 6 - 8 only - DO NOT show your ID on the recording. Please email AMEB (NSW) regarding Rockschool's identification process.
    • Another person is permitted to be present in the room in order to operate the camera. However, the other person is not permitted to interact with the candidate or intervene in the exam, with the following exceptions:
      1) To  introduce  the  candidate
      2) To introduce each piece and/or the technical exercises section (Graded Certificate only
  • Check the video recording of your exam carefully before submission, making sure that  each piece is introduced to camera, the picture and sound are of a reasonable quality and that the full exam has been captured.



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On the day of your face to face exam


Rockschool exam day checklist for face to face exams

Follow this checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your exam, including photo ID for Grades 6 - 8 and diploma.



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Ready to upload and submit your Video exam?


A new system was introduced in 2021 which is managed by AMEB (NSW).


Upload your Video

For instructions on how to upload your exam to YouTube.


Submit your Video

When you are ready to submit your video exam, complete the video submission form.

If you have included any Own Choice pieces, please contact our office for instructions of how to provide us with the sheet music for these pieces. Drummers will also need to provide backing tracks for Free Choice pieces.


What happens next?

We will assign an examiner to view and grade the video. The following timeline provides an overview of the likely time frame for each step.

Rockschool video exam process




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Changes to Rockschool exam dates

Under certain circumstances it is possible to transfer candidates to another date within the same year. These circumstances are outlined in our Transfer and Rescheduling Policy.

Please know, it is not possible under any circumstances to transfer exams from one year to another.


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Rockschool results and certificates


Rockschool exam results, certificates and appeals

Find out about your Rockschool result or certificate.


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Exam policies

AMEB (NSW) conducts Rockschool exams in accordance with AMEB (NSW) enrolment and administration policies. You can read more information about our policies here.