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Transfer and Rescheduling policy

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Transfer and Rescheduling policy

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AMEB (NSW) offers exams from April through to December each year. We divide the examination year into different exam sessions according to location and subject and different periods according to the enroller's residential postcode.

Under certain circumstances it is possible to transfer candidates to different exam sessions, from one period to another period or to another date within the same year. These circumstances are outlined in our 'Transfer Policy' below.

Please know, it is not possible under any circumstances to transfer exams from one year to another.

Transfers from one exam session to another

Before enrolment closing date

If the request is made prior to the original exam session closing date, it is possible to transfer enrolments from one exam session to another without incurring a fee. This request needs to be made in writing by email.

Before exam notices are sent

If the request is made after the original exam session closing date, but before the exam notices are sent, it is still possible to transfer enrolments from one exam session to another, for example from Metro First Session to Metro Second Session (please see the section below for information about transferring between postcode periods). A fee of:

  • $55 per candidate per exam will apply,
  • with a maximum of $330 per enrolment submission (with 6 or more candidates).

You can log into AMEB Connect and check if your exam notices have been sent. If they haven't, please complete and submit the Transfer Request (before scheduling) form.

After exam date is notified

Please see the "Changes to Scheduled Date" section below.

Transfers between postcode periods

The metro music second exam session is held in the second half of the year and is divided into post code periods. This is necessary to accommodate the large number of exams requested during this time. For this exam session, the post code period of when the candidates exam will be held is determined by the enroller's default postcode period. This applies to:

  • Metro Music - Second Session and
  • Metro Speech & Drama - Second Session.

At the time of enrolment, the enroller's must submit a period-to-period transfer request on or before the Period 1 closing date. This is regardless of the original default period. A fee of:

  • $55 per candidate per exam
  • with a maximum of $330 per enrolment submission with 6 or more candidates

will apply.

This feature is not available after the closing date for Period 1. AMEB will not consider period-to-period transfer requests submitted after this date.

See Postcode Policy for more information.

Request to change scheduled exam dates

The AMEB (NSW) strives to make exams available to as many students as possible. We realise that unforeseen circumstances can impact on a candidate’s ability to attend a scheduled practical exam.

Policies have been in place that allow candidates to transfer their practical exam when necessary and possible. Co-ordinating exams for tens of thousands of candidates is a complex task involving many administrative variables such as seeking examiner and venue availability, meeting candidate requests, and providing notices to candidates and examiners in a timely manner.

Following customer feedback, the existing Transfer Policy was expanded to provide as much flexibility as possible.

As a result, for exams from August 2021 the AMEB (NSW) will provide two policy options to move an exam after it has been scheduled - Transfer or Reschedule. Click here to see a summary table


Reschedule exam

A candidate may apply to reschedule an exam for any reason by submitting a Rescheduling Request form with payment of a rescheduling fee equivalent to 75% of the exam fee. This form must be submitted no later than ten (10) business days before the exam date.
A rescheduled exam cannot be guaranteed and will be subject to the availability of a suitable examiner and venue. The reschedule fee will not be processed until an alternate exam date is confirmed. Exams cannot be rescheduled from one calendar year to another.

Once a Rescheduling Request form is received by the AMEB (NSW) office, the original exam date is forfeited, and a refund will not be provided.

Teachers and enrollers are reminded to submit scheduling requests where possible when enrolling students to avoid the necessity to reschedule an exam, or risk not being examined.


Transfer exam

A candidate may apply to transfer an exam for a transfer fee equivalent to 50% of the exam fee for the following reasons:

Substantiated medical grounds, with a medical certificate declaring
  • the candidate is not fit to be examined on the date of exam due to illness or injury; AND
  • the date from which the candidate will be fit to be examined.
Compulsory school exams or excursions substantiated with
  • a letter from the school advising the reason for exam non-attendance; or
  • a copy of the excursion/activity form; or
  • a copy of the school bulletin in which the event is notified.

Transfer requests must be submitted on the Transfer Request form available on the AMEB (NSW) website and must be received no later than five (5) business days after the scheduled exam date. Exams cannot be transferred from one calendar year to another.


Examiner transfers

Enrollers must advise at the time of enrolment, or prior to the scheduling of the exam, that their candidate has been taught by, or received lessons or a masterclass from an AMEB (NSW) examiner on all of their instruments in the last three (3) years. If an exam is scheduled to this examiner, and the AMEB (NSW) was not advised at the time of enrolment, a Transfer Request form must be submitted at least ten (10) business days prior to the exam date, and a transfer fee of 50% of the enrolment fee will be incurred.

Requests regarding the scheduling or non-scheduling of specific examiners that do not relate to the policy above will not be considered.


Important to note

Examiners and supervisors will not accept medical certificates on the day of the exam. If an examiner or supervisor is advised by a parent/guardian or a medical professional that the candidate is sick or injured on the day of the exam, the AMEB (NSW) has the right to refuse to examine the candidate. A Transfer Request form can be submitted within five (5) business days if an appropriate medical certificate is provided (transfer fees apply).

A refund will not be provided if a Rescheduling Request form or Transfer Request form is not received within the required time.

As an unfunded agency, all costs must be covered, even when unexpected changes occur, so fees must be charged to cover the additional costs incurred by the AMEB (NSW).

Please appreciate that by the time a Rescheduling Request form or Transfer Request form is received, the examination timetable has been finalised and all the costs associated with conducting the exam (examiner, supervisor, venue hire, etc) are incurred whether the candidate attends or not.