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Video Repertoire Exam

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Video Repertoire Exam

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AMEB (NSW) is pleased to announce that Repertoire exams by video will continue to be offered in 2022.

The exam process for Video Repertoire Exams is as shown in the following diagram:

Video Repertoire exam process

Please note the timeline is a guide only. Times may vary due to the number of video exams submitted, type of instrument and examiner availability.

Please click on the headings below to reveal more.


Upload and submit
Exam viewing and results
Your Guide to AMEB Recorded Video Exams



If the above sections of information do not address your specific issue or question, a member of AMEB (NSW)’s administrative team can be contacted by completing the Video Exams Enquiry Form.


By submitting an enrolment for a Video Repertoire Exam, you acknowledge and agree that AMEB (NSW) is collecting personal information, which you are authorised to provide. This information will be used by AMEB (NSW) staff and may be disclosed to AMEB (NSW) examiners as required, to enable the candidate's enrolment and participation in a Video Repertoire Exam and to allow for assessment of the exam. You acknowledge that AMEB (NSW) accepts no responsibility for the security of any sound or video content uploaded to any third-party website, including the disclosure of any such uploaded content or link to the content, occurring outside of AMEB (NSW)'s control. All personal information collected by AMEB (NSW), including details of uploaded content for assessment, will be stored securely by the AMEB (NSW) on its internal systems as required. It may only be accessed by authorised AMEB (NSW) staff members and is only to be used or disclosed for the purpose of enabling assessment and marking of the Video Repertoire Exam and related administrative purposes. Where permitted, AMEB (NSW) may also use uploaded content for examiner training purposes. The personal information collected in the enrolment form will not otherwise be disclosed by AMEB (NSW) unless required or permitted by law. Further information can be found in AMEB (NSW)’s privacy policy.