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Video Repertoire Exam preparation

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Video Repertoire Exam preparation

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Repertoire exams are different from the preparation for a traditional exam. Consult the Repertoire exam information in the Subjects section of our website to be sure how many pieces are required in a Repertoire format exam for your grade, subject and instrument.

  1. Understand the requirements for a Repertoire exam as the number of pieces can vary from a comprehensive exam.
  2. Shop for your grade books and other resources at the AMEB (NSW) online shop. If you haven't shopped with us before you just need to join AMEB Connect to shop.
  3. Regular practice will help ensure a good result.
  4. Talk to your teacher about whether you will need accompaniment for your exam after reading the note below.
  5. Only enrol when you are close to being performance ready.



From 2022, the AMEB will only allow the use of official AMEB recorded accompaniments for Preliminary to Grade 3 in some instrumental and vocal examinations, if they are available for the AMEB grade book pieces. Please check the Federal AMEB website to see which recorded accompaniments are available for purchase in the AMEB Online Shop.

The previous exception granted in 2020 and 2021 for the use of recorded accompaniment will no longer apply as candidates can now rehearse and perform with their accompanists. Recorded accompaniments are a helpful rehearsal tool but please note the following:

  • Live accompaniment is required for Grade 4 and above in AMEB examinations.
  • If using recorded accompaniment for lower grades, only AMEB Grade book recorded accompaniments produced by AMEB and licensed for use in exams are permitted.
  • Leisure syllabus and Rockschool exams can still use recorded accompaniments at all grade levels as per their syllabus information.
  • Piano is the only instrument permitted for exam accompaniment. No other instrument is permitted for accompaniment in AMEB exams.
  • Live ensemble work allows candidates to demonstrate their ability to work with other musicians and develop leadership skills, volume balance, synchronicity and musical expression.
  • Pieces that have a printed piano accompaniment part must be presented, in both face-to-face or video repertoire exams, with that live piano accompaniment to meet the requirement set out in the AMEB Manual of Syllabuses Regulation 24.


When to record the Video Repertoire Exam recording?

The Video Repertoire Exam recording should be recorded as close as possible to the enrolment date. However, videos are accepted if they were recorded no later than, or no earlier than, three (3) weeks from the date of enrolment. The recording must be one continuous take with no coaching or editing.






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