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Video Repertoire Exam enrolment

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Video Repertoire Exam enrolment

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STEP 1 - Exam preparation

The teacher/candidate selects a program of work for the video repertoire exam recording. Please refer to the Video Repertoire Exam Requirements page to ensure you are preparing the correct number of pieces for your program of work.

STEP 2 - Enrolment

The enroller logs into AMEB Connect. Find out more about how to get an AMEB Connect login.

  • Click ‘Enrol a Candidate’
  • enter the candidate details
  • select either the Series 20 Video Repertoire Exam session or the Series 21 Video Repertoire Exam session (whichever is available)
  • select the syllabus from the list (only available Repertoire subjects will appear)
  • select the Grade
  • confirm and pay for the enrolment.

The enroller will receive a confirmation of enrolment email. Please read through the confirmation email to ensure all details are correct.

STEP 3 - Recording

The candidate then has up to 21 days (from the date of enrolment) to complete the recording and submit to AMEB (NSW), ensuring they have read through and followed the Video Recording and Uploading Guide located on our website.

Please note:
The recorded performance must be recorded in ‘one take’, ie continuous recording with no editing (if the video submitted is found to be edited, the exam result will be 'Unable to Assess').
The Video Repertoire Exam recording must be recorded no earlier than three (3) weeks prior to enrolment and no later than three (3) weeks after enrolment.

STEP 4 - Enroller uploads video to AMEB Connect

When the video recording is ready and has been recorded in one continue take (ie one video file), the enroller will log into AMEB Connect and upload the video file and complete all sections of the form regarding the program and supervisor details. Once submitted, AMEB Connect will display the date the enroller submitted the video details. The video enrolment will then progress through the scheduling process.

STEP 5 - Scheduling of the exam

The Video Repertoire Exam will be scheduled as usual by the AMEB NSW office and the enroller will receive an email notification adivisng them to log into AMEB Connect to view the date and time the exam viewing has been scheduled for, which is when it will be examined by a specialist NSW Examiner.

STEP 6 - Results

Once the video repertoire exam recording has been examined, the result and exam report will be uploaded to AMEB Connect and the enroller will receive an email notifying them of when the results are available. Please allow any time up to two weeks after the date of the exam for the results to be uploaded to AMEB Connect.

STEP 7 - Certificates

Certificates will be posted within three to four weeks from the date the exam result was uploaded to AMEB Connect. Please be patient regarding the delivery of your certificates.

Please Note: It is the enroller’s responsibility to ensure that the video is of examinable quality – sound and vision, and has been recorded in one continuous take (ie one video file). If an examiner finds that the recording is not of examinable quality, the exam will be marked ‘Unable to Assess’.

The Video Repertoire Exam recording must be recorded no earlier than three (3) weeks prior to enrolment and no later than three (3) weeks after enrolment.

Your submitted video must be used for AMEB exam purposes only, and cannot be uploaded to any public sites. 



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