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Exam day

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Exam day

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    New Horn syllabus

    A new French Horn syllabus is available for examination in 2022

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    Notice of Withdrawal - face to face Theory grade exams

    2022 is the last year for face to face Theory exams

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    Revised Trombone and Euphonium syllabuses

    Revised syllabuses for Trombone, Bass Trombone and Euphonium are available Read more...

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    New Violin syllabus

    A new Violin syllabus is available for examination in 2022

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    News for Trumpet teachers

    Only new Trumpet syllabus available for examination.

When you arrive

You will need to show your Notice of Examination at the front desk. Staff will check the notice and return it to you ready for you to give to the examiner. You will then take a seat and wait for your name to be called.

While you wait

Use this time to:

  • assemble your instrument
  • warm up your fingers
  • organise your music and
  • relax!

In the exam room

Give your Notice of Examination to the examiner and your exam will start.

The exam will cover each section of the syllabus. The order is up to your examiner. If you have an accompanist the examiner will invite them into the exam room when they are required. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, page turners are not permitted in any AMEB exams. The examiner will make an allowance for candidates who may need to negotiate their own page turns for longer pieces. Email for updated advice prior to your exam.

There will be one examiner in the exam room for grade exams in most cases. A trainee examiner may join a supervising examiner in some exams. The candidate will receive the supervising examiner's result and written report.

There will be two examiners in the exam room for diploma exams.

You may leave the venue once your exam is complete.

Electronic exam reporting

AMEB (NSW) is moving towards electronic reporting of grade exams.

An examiner may use a notebook or laptop computer in the exam room to type notes. It is possible that keystroke sounds may be audible at times during the exam.

What if I am feeling sick?

If you are feeling unwell on the day of the exam, you should not attend. Candidates with a recent injury are also advised not to attend their exam. AMEB (NSW) has a duty of care to candidates, and examiners will not conduct the exam if AMEB (NSW) has been made aware of an injury that may impact upon a student’s ability to perform.  

The examiners will not read or accept doctors’ certificates on the day of the exam. AMEB (NSW) is unable to provide any special consideration for candidates presenting with illness or injury should the exam proceed. However, you can request a transfer to a new exam date and attach the medical certificate to this application. You have 5 days to complete the Transfer Request Form and attach a medical certificate that includes advice from the doctor regarding when you would be fit to be examined.

Feedback and grades

After your exam, your examiner will write an exam report. It will include feedback on your performance and a grade.

The enrolling person will receive an email to let them know the exam results are ready to view, print and/or email in AMEB Connect two to three weeks after your exam.

Use our Exam Day checklist to ensure your exam day goes smoothly.