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Fellowship in Music Australia (FMusA)

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Fellowship in Music Australia (FMusA)

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The Fellowship in Music Australia is the highest and most prestigious award offered by the AMEB. The Fellowship can be undertaken for most instruments currently available for examination.

The following information is provided as an overview. Please refer to the current Manual of Syllabus for details.

There are three steps required to enter for a Fellowship exam:

1. Program submission

  • The candidate must submit their proposed program, together with timings, for approval by the AMEB Federal Office.

2. Video audition

  • Once the program is approved, the candidate can then submit a video audition of their entire program online via SCORE.  This is viewed by three AMEB examiners.
  • The candidate will be advised within four weeks whether their video audition has been successful and they may proceed to Step 3.

3. Enrolment for recital exam

  • The candidate must enrol for their public recital exam via AMEB Connect within 12 months of the video audition approval.

Before starting the entry process, please contact the AMEB Federal Office for more information.

AUDITION FEE: Please contact the AMEB Federal Office for details

EXAM FEE*: $1081 (for 2023 recital exam)

* All prices quoted include GST unless stated otherwise.
All transactions paid by credit card will incur a 0.4% surcharge

DURATION: 80 mins (60 mins for Brass, Woodwind and Singing)


  • Pieces: A balanced program that has been approved by the Federal Chief Examiner.
  • The exam is conducted in the form of a recital, including an audience and a prepared program.
  • Three copies of the music must be provided for the examiners.
  • For information about memorisation, the recital and assessment, please refer to the current Manual of Syllabus.