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Changes this year

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Changes this year

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Changes this year

The Level 3 (Associate and Licentiate) Manual lists have been refreshed with additional works and some existing work listings have been altered to suit diploma program timing requirements. The requirements for Level 3 (Associate and Licentiate) have also been revised. The timing for Level 3 (Associate and Licentiate) exams has been amended to make it consistent with other woodwind instruments.

From 2023:

Clarinet additional works

The Manual lists for the Oboe syllabus for Grades 6, 7 and 8 have been refreshed, and additional works will be available to choose from for examination from 2023.

There has also been a refreshment of the Level 3 (Associate and Licentiate) Manual lists with works added and some existing work listings altered. For a full list of changes, see the Oboe syllabus in the 2023 Manual of syllabuses or the 2023 digital download.

Oboe additional works
Trumpet grade 5


Available for the first time, AMEB Trumpet Series 2 Grades 5 & 6 provides ample technical and skill-building options for developing trumpet players through repertoire.  
New orchestral excerpts have been chosen to expand the current repertoire lists, which will cover a range of styles and transpositions. Ensemble playing and practice opportunities are also encouraged through the inclusion of duets. The repertoire has been researched and curated by acclaimed Australian Trumpet player and educator Suzanne Wedding.

Trumpet Grades 5 and 6
Flute series 4


The Flute Series 4 grade books for Preliminary to Grade 4 provide teaching and learning opportunities for beginner flautists.

Repertoire in this latest publication has been researched and curated by the acclaimed Australian Flautist and educator Jocelyn Fazzone. It contains a broad and diverse range of repertoire styles, including pieces by Australian and female composers and arrangers, and an AMEB-commissioned composition designed to help students to engage with introductory techniques and skills for playing the flute.

Flute Series 4
Series 2 Trombone and Euphonium

Revised syllabuses for Trombone, Bass Trombone and Euphonium are available for examination in 2022.

New publications will be available from late January 2022 to use in conjunction with the recently released Trombone & Euphonium Technical Work & Orchestral Excerpts:

Revised Trombone and Euphonium syllabuses