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Changes this year

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Changes this year

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Changes this year
Series 2 Trombone and Euphonium

Revised syllabuses for Trombone, Bass Trombone and Euphonium are available for examination in 2022.

New publications will be available from late January 2022 to use in conjunction with the recently released Trombone & Euphonium Technical Work & Orchestral Excerpts:

Revised Trombone and Euphonium syllabuses
Piano technical work

A revised Piano for Leisure syllabus is available for examination from 2022.

The Technical Work requirements have been reviewed. From 2022, Piano for Leisure Technical Work will be a sub-set of the Technical Work that appears in Piano Technical Work Level 1 (2018) and Piano Technical Work Level 2 (2018), currently being used for the Piano Comprehensive syllabus.

These publications can be purchased online through AMEB Connect.

Revised Piano for Leisure syllabus

AMEB (NSW) required all videos to be uploaded to YouTube with an Unlisted privacy setting to protect the candidate’s privacy. Child welfare and online safety has always been a priority of AMEB (NSW) so we will always evolve our processes to support child online protection policies.

In recent weeks YouTube has changed the enforcement of their Child safety policy to disallow presentation of photo ID on all videos uploaded to the YouTube site, and this includes any Unlisted videos.

No ID needed for Grade 8 Video exams