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Due to the worsening of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Greater Sydney area in recent weeks, and for the safety of the entire AMEB (NSW) community, the face-to-face Certificate of Performance exams have been cancelled.

Enrollers and their candidates have been provided with the following options:

Certificate of Performance exam options
Video Repertoire exams

It is important that enrollers understand what is required in this slightly different exam format. Please click here for information that will help you understand what this exam is all about, how to present for it and of course, how to receive the best possible result.


Video Repertoire exam preparation

AMEB is now offering a new exam format alternative across the board that allows candidates to simply present a program of works.

The Trial Recital Exam is no longer examinable. Instead, a Repertoire exam option is now examinable alongside the traditional exam format (referred to from 2019 as the Comprehensive exam).

New Repertoire exams

AMEB is proud to announce the launch of its new Piano syllabus covering:

  • new grade books, handbooks and recordings (Series 18)
  • revised manual lists
  • new technical work requirements.

Repertoire for the new syllabus can be sourced from any of Piano Series 18, Piano Series 17, AMEB Piano Australian Anthology or the works on the manual list.

New 2019 Piano Syllabus

Trumpet Series 2 new syllabus

For exams this year (2020) and next year (2021), candidates can prepare for either option: an old (based on 2019 Manual of Syllabuses) or a new (based on 2020 Manual of Syllabuses) exam. From 2022, only the new (2020) syllabus will be examined.

Features of the new Trumpet syllabus are:

News for Trumpet teachers

Series 18 cover2019 saw the introduction of a new Piano syllabus. 2021 will be the final year where candidates can prepare for either option: an old or a new syllabus exam.

News for Piano teachers

From 2020 the Grade 6 Set Works have changed and candidates will need to analyse and answer questions on ALL Set Works in the exam. Details regarding the new Set Works can be found in the 2020 Theory of Music syllabus. A new digital publication, Theory of Music Analytical Notes will be available to assist candidates preparing for this section of the exam.

New set works in 2020
Dipping toes into water

AMEB (NSW) contacted a handful of people who have already experienced the new Video Repertoire exam from a variety of perspectives. Our panel of respondents included a private studio piano teacher, a music school that teaches singing and musical theatre, an AMEB (NSW) examiner who has both examined and prepared his own candidates for AMEB Video Repertoire exams, and a multi-instrumentalist school music teacher who has enrolled himself and his students for Video Repertoire exams this year.

Video exams – dipping your toe in the great unknown!