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Grade exam feedback and appeals policy

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Grade exam feedback and appeals policy

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AMEB (NSW) makes every effort to ensure that exams comply with published policies and procedures.

AMEB welcomes and responds to feedback on exams lodged using the Exam Queries and Feedback Form. Feedback will not change an exam result.


There may be occasions when teachers, parents and/or candidates wish to lodge a formal appeal or complaint about how an exam was conducted and the exam result.

Formal procedures are available to appeal an exam result and to ensure:

  • teachers, parents and/or candidates are treated with respect and equity and
  • AMEB (NSW) staff and/or examiners are provided with the right of reply.

All formal appeals to AMEB (NSW) are treated with sensitivity and confidentiality.

Correspondence is only accepted from the enrolling person. AMEB (NSW) will not accept or act upon anonymous appeals.

Grounds for appeal

Appeals will be considered on the following grounds:

  • the examination report is not consistent with the result awarded
  • the examination report is inconsistent with syllabus objectives
  • studio facilities had a direct and substantially adverse affect on the candidate's performance.

Appeals questioning the grade awarded to the candidate, without any specific grounds, will not be accepted.

How to appeal Grade exams

The enrolling person must submit the Practical Grade Appeal Form to lodge an appeal.

The form must be completed by the enrolling person.

To be considered, appeals must be submitted to the AMEB (NSW) office within ten (10) business days of the exam report being uploaded to AMEB Connect.

Associate Diploma exam appeals must be submitted on the Associate Diploma Exam Appeal Form and must follow the Associate Diploma Appeal Policy.

Licentiate Diploma exam appeals must be lodged with the Federal AMEB office.

Management procedure

  • Appeals are initially addressed by the State Manager.
  • Examiners who are the subject of an appeal receive a copy of the correspondence. Please ensure teacher identifiers are not included in the appeal criteria text. Examiners must provide a written response to the State Manager.
  • Issues that require further consideration are referred to the AMEB (NSW) Examinations Committee.
  • The AMEB (NSW) Board may further consider matters of a legal and more serious nature.


After due consideration of the issues raised and in consultation with AMEB (NSW) examiners, administrators and/or Board members, as appropriate, a written response will be provided.

Due to the nature of these procedures, it takes 4 to 8 weeks to finalise the matter and provide a response.

The decision of AMEB (NSW) is final. No further correspondence will be entered into.