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Christmas tree of musical notes

As 2021 comes to a close, we can reflect on what a challenging year this has been for all of us. Many teachers have had to undergo a very sudden and uncomfortable move to embrace technology and delve into the world of online lessons, whilst trying to keep their students engaged and motivated despite the uncertainty surrounding ever-changing exam possibilities. Students have contended with disruptions to their schooling and live performance opportunities and have had to ‘dig deep’ to continue their studies and persevere with their music or speech and drama goals.

A message from the State Manager AMEB (NSW)
Video Repertoire exams

It is important that enrollers understand what is required in this slightly different exam format. Please click here for information that will help you understand what this exam is all about, how to present for it and of course, how to receive the best possible result.


Video Repertoire exam preparation

Trumpet series 2The 2019 syllabus for Trumpet is no longer examinable. Only the syllabus as per the 2022 Manual of Syllabuses is available for examination.

Features of the new Trumpet syllabus are:

News for Trumpet teachers

The existing AMEB (NSW) Transfer Policy was reviewed in late 2020 to determine if options for candidates could be expanded to provide more choices. This was done in response to customer feedback.

Following the review, the AMEB (NSW) Board approved new policies (the Rescheduling Policy and the Transfer Policy) that are more closely aligned with other state AMEB offices. These policies apply to enrolments received on or after 29 March 2021 (for examination sessions in the second half of 2021 and onwards).

New Transfer and Rescheduling Policy