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Providing quality assessments in music, speech and drama throughout NSW and the ACT.

2016 enrolments

Enrolments for AMEB (NSW) examinations opened on 18 January 2016.

All enrolments can be submitted online using AMEB Connect. If you are an existing teacher or private enroller with AMEB (NSW), you will be able to access your student records from previous years to make the enrolling process much faster. If you are a new teacher or private enroller with AMEB (NSW), and you need to create an AMEB Connect login – just click ‘Get Access’ and follow the prompts.

All enrolments can only be submitted by a teacher, parent, legal guardian or candidate (if over 18).

2016 Examination dates and closing dates


AMEB Awards

AMEB (NSW) has a new set of awards to acknowledge outstanding teachers, music studios and schools. These awards replace the Teaching Shields and will be presented at the 2016 Presentation Ceremony. More details are available.


Piano accompanists are required in examinations for a number of instruments. Details of these requirements can be found in the Manual of Syllabuses. To assist teachers and parents in contacting an accompanist, the NSW Accompanists Guild provides a directory on their website. Please note that the information contained in the directory has been compiled by the NSW Accompanists Guild and AMEB (NSW) takes no responsibility for the contents.

Musical Theatre

Music Theatre Image

AMEB (NSW) is delighted to offer an exciting new syllabus commencing in 2016. The Musical Theatre syllabus has been created by industry experts from around Australia and showcases the best of international musical theatre repertoire as well as Australian compositions at every grade level.

Musical Theatre workshops

Workshops will be held across New South Wales for the following dates and venues:

Each of these will be a full day workshop which will provide information about the Musical Theatre syllabus examiner expectations regarding technical work requirements, the sight reading requirements and more. Repertoire from each grade will be showcased along with helpful teaching and performance tips. In the final session of the day there will also be a Master Class opportunity for a few selected attendees.

These workshops are useful for teachers and all musical theatre enthusiasts. High school students are also welcome to attend at a discounted rate. To book a workshop or to order the newly released grade books, sight reading and technical workbooks and recordings, go to the booking website. All adult workshop attendees will receive a free copy of the Musical Theatre syllabus. As a special launch offer, all Musical Theatre resources ordered by the end of February 2016 will receive free postage.

The following videos provide more information about the syllabus.

Music studios for hire

AMEB (NSW) has a number of music studios available for hire during office hours.


AMEB NSW newsletter

Credit card surcharge announcement

All NSW Government agencies are required to impose surcharges to recoup their merchant interchange fees.

AMEB (NSW) wish to notify all of their customers that effective from 1 January 2013, all transactions (including all 2013 enrolments) paid by credit card will incur a 0.4% surcharge.

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