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Speech and Drama Live Online Exam Texts Submission

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Speech and Drama Live Online Exam Texts Submission

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Are you ready to submit the list of texts for your Speech and Drama live online exam?

  1. Using this form you will provide the details of the texts, including title/author of sight-reading pages and titles/poets of Anthology poems in their chosen order of presentation.
  2. It is not necessary to send self-devised material.
  3. Other details required in the form are the enroller contact details, and candidate contact details.
  4. The form must be submitted as soon as you receive your online Notice of Practical Exam email (available on AMEB Connect).
  5. Please ensure the form is submitted no later than a week prior to the exam date.

After you submit the form

  1. Once this form has been submitted successfully you will receive a TryBooking confirmation email.
  2. If you have not already done so, please email a copy of the candidate's chosen text (performance items) to AMEB NSW office
    NOTE: For a live online exam only email candidate’s chosen texts. DO NOT email copies of the candidate’s Anthology copy or Prose reading pages. The candidate instead must have their own copy of these in the live online exam for the sight-reading sections to be examined.
  3. Candidates will be emailed a Microsoft Teams meeting invitation direct to their email address, hence why the email address and mobile number of the candidate (parent or guardian) must be provided in this form (in case of any technical issues). Your acceptance of this meeting invitation is confirmation to the AMEB (NSW) office that your attendance is confirmed.