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Repertoire option continuing for Leisure syllabuses

‘For Leisure’ subjects offered as Video Repertoire Exams in 2021

Repertoire exams are continuing in 2021 (video exams only) for Preliminary to Grade 8 in the following syllabuses:

  • Piano for Leisure
  • Singing for Leisure
  • Saxophone for Leisure

The Repertoire format does not require the presentation of any technical work, aural tests, sight reading or general knowledge. Instead, the candidate prepares and presents four pieces for their For Leisure Repertoire examination. The performance of all four works must be recorded in one uninterrupted take to replicate exam conditions.

A minimum of two of these four works must be drawn from the listed options in your grade of the For Leisure syllabus, with the scope for up to two own choice works to be included. Own Choice items should provide a similar level of difficulty and duration to the works printed in the Piano for Leisure, Singing for Leisure or Saxophone for Leisure syllabus.

Details are available in the 2021 syllabuses.