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Online Exam System Updates

Annual maintenance of the AMEB online exam and course system is scheduled to occur from 12.30am on Friday 15 January until 9.00am Monday 18 January 2021. Changes include an update to the system to support new functionality and make improvements to data management and security. Please note that AMEB online exams and courses will be unavailable for use during the 3-day annual maintenance period.

Specific improvements include:

Launch of the Online Browser

From 9am on Monday 18 January, all AMEB online music theory exams will become accessible via an online browser. This exciting development means that online users of Theory of Music, Music Craft and Musicianship exams will no longer be required to download and install software onto their computers in order to sit or review an online music exam. This also means that AMEB exams will become accessible on computers and devices that were previously not supported by the software such as Surface Pro computers, tablets and smart phones. The browser version of the software has been successfully supporting online theory courses since July 2020.

Enhanced Security for Online Exam Supervision

As of Monday 22 February, we are making some changes to the way supervisors authorize an online exam for a Candidate. In addition to providing their name and phone number, the supervisor will receive a text message containing a numeric code. This code will need to be entered into the online system before the online exam will commence. Users will likely be familiar with this process as it is increasingly being used by online businesses to increase security and assist in proving identities. Support will be available for users who require assistance or are unfamiliar with this style of verification.

Speech and Performance Online Theory Exams

A Grade 1 online theory exam for Speech and Performance will be launched on Monday 18 January. The Grade 7 exam was successfully launched during 2020 and Grades 2-6 will be released later in 2021. At this time, software will need to be downloaded and installed onto the Candidate’s computer in order to access Speech and Performance exams.


For technical issues or information about the AMEB Online Exam system, questions about supervision or software, please contact the AMEB Federal Office on 1300 725 709 or email

For questions about the enrolment process please contact AMEB (NSW)