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Why do exams?

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Why do exams?

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There are many benefits to studying music or speech and drama and these are outlined below. AMEB offers a pathway to build skills in a logical progression.

Stimulate learning capacity

Learning to play an instrument can have a profound effect on our ongoing capacity to learn. Music integrates:

  • cognitive
  • creative
  • language
  • physical
  • social

learning skills. This stimulates the brain, making for greater efficiency in all future learning.

Watch a TED-Ed talk on how playing an instrument benefits your brain  or

read about research findings into benefits of Music education from Music in Australia.

Outlet for emotions

Childhood and teenage experiences bring a myriad of strong emotions. These can be difficult to articulate or share with family members. Music and drama offer healthy and socially acceptable outlets for expressing:

  • grief
  • enthusiasm
  • anger or
  • anxiety.

Teachers should encourage students to explore pieces that assist their self-expression or can lift them out of a bad mood.

Learn to solve problems

Exploring the many valid ways to interpret a piece of music is empowering. It gives children confidence to solve problems creatively in other areas of learning.

Improve work ethic

Developing correct technique is often exacting and requires diligence. Producing good, rather than mediocre, work through sustained effort can heighten self-esteem.

Build resilience

Everyone has to confront anxiety at various times in their lives. Dealing with it early and often builds resilience for greater challenges, such as HSC exams. Preparing for exams demonstrates that a person is able to take risks and conquer fears.

Overcome anxiety

To showcase their talents performers must conquer the anxiety that comes with an audience. This becomes easier with each performance experience, be it as a candidate in an exam or on stage in a concert. The only way around fear is through it!

Valuable skills

"Communication" is a skill valued by all prospective employers. Successful completion of speech and drama exams demonstrates confidence, creative intelligence and motivation. Gain the ability to literally ‘perform’ anywhere in the world!