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Administrative Personnel

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Administrative Personnel

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    Clarinet additional works

    Manual lists for Level 3 have been refreshed.

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    Flute Series 4

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    AMEB Written subjects explained

    Why do written? Which syllabus?

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    Oboe additional works

    Manual lists for grades 6 and over have been refreshed.

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    Playing music together

    Information about accompaniment, page turners and more.

NSW State Manager

Maree Lucas

Senior Administrative Officer – Operations

Tammy Kelly

Senior Information Officer

Melinda Rollason

Examiner Liaison Officer

Brendan Chung

Administrative Officer – Marketing & Communications

Kirsty Campbell (Wed - Fri)

Viv Rayner (Mon - Tue)

Accounts Officer

Kranthi Mandalapu (Mon - Wed)

Team Leader, Scheduling

Betty Walker

Administrative Officer, Scheduling

Carolyn Antoniou

Practical Scheduler

Lauren Brandon

Cecilia Gribble

Client Services Officer

Fiona Wrigley


AMEB (NSW) staff would be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding enrolment or exam preparation. They are available by email ( or phone (02 9367 8456) during office hours Monday to Friday.