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Transfer policy (OLD)

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Transfer policy (OLD)

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Applies to enrolments before 29 March 2021 (for examination sessions in the first half of 2021 and earlier)


AMEB (NSW) offers exams from April through to December each year. We divide the examination year into different exam sessions according to location and subject and different periods according to the enroller's residential postcode.

Under certain circumstances it is possible to transfer candidates to a different exam sessions, from one period to another period or to another dates within the same year. These circumstances are outlined in our 'Transfer Policy' below.

Please know, it is not possible under any circumstances to transfer exams from one year to another.

Transfers from one exam session to another

Before enrolment closing date

If the request is made prior to the original exam session closing date, it is possible to transfer enrolments from one exam session to another without incurring a fee. This request needs to be made in writing by email.

Before exam notices are sent

If the request is made after the original exam session closing date, but before the exam notices are sent, it is still possible to transfer enrolments from one exam session to another. A fee of $55 per candidate per exam will apply, with a maximum of $330 per enrolment submission (with 6 or more candidates).

You can log into AMEB Connect and check if your exam notices have been sent. If they haven't, please complete and submit the Transfer Request form.

After exam date is notified

Once an exam date has been scheduled and notified, it is generally not possible to transfer the exam date. Special consideration will be given in certain circumstances which are listed in the "Changes to Scheduled Date" section below.

Transfers between postcode periods

The metro music second exam session is held in the second half of the year and is divided into post code periods. This is necessary to accommodate the large number of exams requested during this time. For this exam session, the post code period of when the candidates exam will be held is determined by the enroller's default postcode period. This applies to:

  • Metro Music - Second Session and
  • Metro Speech & Drama - Second Session.

At the time of enrolment, the enroller's must submit a period-to-period transfer request on or before the Period 1 closing date. This is regardless of the original default period. A fee of:

  • $55 per candidate per exam
  • with a maximum of $330 per enrolment submission with 6 or more candidates

will apply.

This feature is not available after the closing date for Period 1. AMEB will not consider period-to-period transfer requests submitted after this date.

See Postcode Policy for more information.

Changes to scheduled exam dates

Once the "Notice of Examination" is available in AMEB Connect the exam time and date is final. Enroller's will receive an email notification that the exam has been scheduled. Once an exam is scheduled, candidates may only transfer to another exam date under the following transfer policy criteria:

  • substantiated medical grounds
  • day of religious observance
  • compulsory school exams or excursions
  • verified work-related grounds
  • relevant generally recognised days of cultural significance.

AMEB (NSW) may offer the candidate an alternative date if:

  • one of these reasons for transfer is applicable and
  • venues and examiners are available.

AMEB (NSW) will not consider any other grounds for change of date. We can not guarantee a transfer to a new date and may offer transfer dates with minimal notice.

If AMEB (NSW) is unable to change a date for a regional exam while examiners are still touring that area, transferring candidates will need to travel to Sydney.

To request a transfer to a new exam date, the enroller must submit the:

  • Transfer Request form
  • transfer fee and
  • documentation supporting the request (this must be an official letter from the school, workplace or relevant organisation outlining the reason for the candidate's inability to attend the examination).

no later than 5 business days after the scheduled exam date.

Scheduled exams transfer fees are:

  • Level 1 (Preliminary to Grade 4): $55 per candidate per exam
  • Level 2 (Grade 5 to Certificate of Performance, all CPM): $66 per candidate per exam
  • Level 3 (Associate only): $140 per candidate per exam
  • Level 3 (Licentiate only): $210 per candidate per exam.

It is not possible to transfer exams to the following year under any circumstances.


Medical transfers

Medical transfers must include a medical certificate from a registered doctor stating:

  • the candidate is not fit to attend their exam on the scheduled date
  • an anticipated date when the candidate will be fit to sit their exam.

AMEB (NSW) reserves the right to contact doctors to clarify medical certificate information.

All other transfers

All other transfers must include an official letter from the:

  • school
  • workplace or
  • relevant organisation

explaining the reason why the candidate is unable to attend the examination.