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Freedom to choose your own music!

As part of your CPM course, you get to perform three songs of your own choice. Contemporary popular music covers a broad range, so don't feel you have to play it safe with some middle ofthe road rendition. Instead, go for something you like because that way you'll perform at your best.

For instance, you might have a favourite Pearl Jam, Massive Attack, Smashing Pumpkins, Hunters and Collectors, the Cruel Sea, Stone Temple Pilots, silverchair, the Doors, Tiddas, the Cranberries, or maybe even the Beatles.

Maybe you prefer the style of one particular Bjork, k.d. Iang, Christine Anu, Prince, Jenny Morris, Janet Jackson or maybe Springstein.

Or you can even choose to perform your own material...

It's entirely up to you.

In the assessment session, you can perform these pieces with your own backing musicians or opt for a pre- recorded version.

All we ask is that the music you select demands the same degree of skill as the set pieces, so nothing too easy, okay?

Do your own thing

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