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Technically speaking, we cover it all

While the technicalities of music may seem B-O-R-I-N-G, without them you're only half the performer you could be. For this reason, the CPM courses provide sections on technical proficiency, general music understanding, aural skills and reading abilities.animation

Mastering technical skills will give your music more meaning. Those up beat walking bass lines, full-on fills and jazzed scattings are all the result of technical know-how. The CPM courses encourage your development of these skills and offer devices, such as exercises and scales, to help you improve in this area.

Musical knowledge and understanding are a must whether you're a covers performer or an up and-coming songwriter. For this reason, the CPM courses let you delve into the why's, whets, hows and wherefores of music. Exploring the features of the songs you play, as well as your instrument and musical styles, it's a journey of discovery every muso will enjoy.

Aural skills are what you rely on most, whether you're jamming with a band or trying to play a song by ear. Working through a CPM course will enhance these skills, allowing you to become more musically spontaneous.

The ability to read music is also covered, through both standard notation and chord charts. While many ofthe big names in the business claim they cannot read music, it's a great skill to have under your belt. Whether you find yourself in a recording session, starting with a new band or performing an unknown song, there will come a time when you'll benefit from having this ability.

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