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Help with Adobe Reader

You can use Adobe Reader to view PDF documents on this site. It's free and only takes a few minutes to install. There are Macintosh, Windows, DOS and UNIX versions of Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader and PDF Files?

adobe pdf logo The Adobe Reader, or Portable Document files (PDF) contain our documents as they have been laid out in printed form, along with tables and/or graphics.

How can I view PDF documents?
To view and print documents in PDF file format, you will need to have a copy of Adobe Reader. You can download the latest Macintosh, Windows, and other versions of the Adobe Reader, from the Adobe website. Click on the "Get Adobe Reader " link on the left of this page.

How do I install Adobe Reader on my computer?
The installation instructions come with the installer, but once you have selected the version you need, click the Download button, save the file (to your Program Files folder) to your hard drive.
When it is finished downloading (which should take no more than 10 or 15 minutes), go offline and find the file (called ar50enu.exe or something similar) and double-click it. It will install itself.
When you then click on PDF files, they will open easily.

A hint for easier reading
Try this. Instead of left-clicking on the link to launch Adobe Reader and open the PDF document - Right-click on the link and select SAVE TARGET AS...

Save the PDF file to your hard-disk (somewhere you can find it) and then quit your browser, go offline and double-click the PDF and open it.

This is a more trouble-free way of downloading the file, making it easier to open again later without going online to find it, and it prints more effectively.

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