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Criteria for Use of Private Studios

The AMEB (NSW) can from time to time send an examiner to a private studio to examine students of the studio owner or school. This policy has been developed to ensure that examinations can be conducted adequately in a safe environment and ensure the health and wellbeing of candidates, examiners and other participants.

Studios must meet the AMEB (NSW) minimum standards as outlined below.

A minimum of four hours of examining per instrument category, or speech & drama, must be in place before an examiner will be scheduled to examine at a private studio or school.

Private studio owners/managers must complete the Private Studio Details form and meet the standards expressed in the criteria.

Exceptions to the Private Studio Policy criteria may be considered by the AMEB (NSW) State Manager if requested at the time of enrolment.

Examination room





Studio format

Health and safety



Studio inspections and feedback


It is expected that candidates and visiting teachers will respect the facilities at the examination studio by waiting only in the area directed by the host teacher, or the host’s representative, leaving the premises upon completion of examinations, and not interrupting examinations in progress.

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