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Appeals, Queries and Feedback: Grade Examinations

While every effort is made to conduct examinations strictly in accordance with published policies and procedures, there may be occasions when teachers, parents and/or candidates wish to raise concerns or lodge a formal appeal with the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB NSW) about the conduct of an examination.

Most concerns can be responded to informally by the AMEB (NSW) State Office staff.

In the case of a formal appeal, query or feedback, there are procedures that need to be followed. The procedures are designed to resolve issues as quickly as possible, while ensuring that teachers, parents and/or candidates are not victimised and that the rights of AMEB (NSW) staff and examiners are not prejudiced.

All formal appeals must be treated with sensitivity and confidentiality and every effort made to reach a suitable resolution as quickly as possible. Correspondence will be accepted from the enrolling person only, and it is important to note that anonymous appeals, queries or feedback will not be accepted nor acted upon.


An appeal against the examination result can only be based on one or both of the following grounds:

Appeals simply questioning the grade awarded without any specific grounds will not be accepted. Please use the Grade Appeal Form to lodge your appeal.


Queries about the process or content of an examination can be submitted to the AMEB (NSW) office. Every effort will be made to investigate a query with information at hand.


Feedback is received about the examination process, or examiner, where an appeal is not relevant, ie the feedback does not affect the result of the examination.

Process for submitting appeals, queries and feedback

Appeals must be lodged on the form available on the AMEB (NSW) website. Queries and feedback must be lodged via email. These must be submitted to the AMEB (NSW) office within ten (10) business days after receipt of the examination report, with the grounds for appeal clearly stated; and queries and feedback clearly outlined.

Examiners who may be the subject of an appeal, query or feedback will receive a copy of the correspondence (with enroller identifiers removed) and will be informed that a written response is to be provided within ten (10) working days.

Management of appeals, queries and feedback


After due consideration of the issues raised and in consultation with AMEB examiners, advisors, administrators and/or Board members, as appropriate, a written response will be provided. Due to the nature of these procedures, it may take several weeks to finalise the matter and provide a response.

The decision of the AMEB (NSW) Board is final. No further correspondence will be entered into.

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