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Appeal Procedures for Practical Associate Diploma Examinations

Grounds for Appeal

Appeals will be available to Associate Diploma candidates on the basis of the examination process only, and in relation to Award versus Non Award. It is not possible to appeal to change the grade from Award to Distinction.

Appeals must be submitted on the AMEB's official appeal form, to ensure that the grounds for appeal comply with the criteria as set out below. The appeal form is available on request from the AMEB (NSW) office. It must be signed by both teacher and candidate.

Criteria for Appeal

Appeals are considered based on the following criteria:

Appeals will be upheld by the AMEB if any one of the conditions is deemed to have been breached. In the case of an appeal being upheld, the candidate will be offered a new examination at no fee. Where possible the candidate will be examined by different examiners. As a minimum requirement, at least one of the examiners must be different.

AMEB responsibility

The AMEB will take reasonable steps to ensure that venue and studio facilities meet minimum AMEB standards.

Appeal procedure

Appeals must be presented in writing to the AMEB (NSW) within 10 days of receipt of the examiners' report.

Associate Diploma Examination Appeal Form (PDF, 20 KB)

AMEB appeals tribunal

The AMEB appeals tribunal will comprise:

Tribunal decision

The decision of the Tribunal is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

Timeframe for lodgement of appeals and notification of appeal outcomes:

Examination Series

Exam Result to Candidates

Appeals to AMEB

Appeal Outcome to Candidate

First Metropolitan

Mid June

30 June

End of July


Mid September

30 September

End of October

Second Metropolitan

End of October

30 November

End of January

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