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Teachers: Please distribute the following information to each of your students.

A guide to AMEB (NSW) examinations, policies and procedures for candidates, parents and guardians

In an effort to better inform candidates and their parents or guardians about the processes involved with an AMEB (NSW) examination, we have prepared the following guidelines. Further details can be obtained from the AMEB Manual of Syllabuses, which can be purchased from the AMEB (NSW) office. The AMEB (NSW) website contains a great deal of valuable information, including the AMEB (NSW) Enrolment Handbook. This publication is available to teachers and parents as a free download from the AMEB (NSW) website:

The AMEB (NSW) is a teacher-based organisation. This means that the music or speech and drama teacher contracts with the AMEB (NSW) by enrolling their students for examinations. Therefore the teacher should always be the contact point between you and the AMEB (NSW). If you have any queries about the examination process, please ask the teacher to email or telephone the AMEB (NSW).

Because of the very large scale of our operations (our staff schedule approximately 40,000 examinations each year) it is necessary for us to set some rules with regard to examination dates, transfers, late fees and refunds. The following points should be noted:

Practical Examinations

The teacher will be sent a Notice of Examination for each student approximately three weeks prior to the examination date. If you feel the Notice may be overdue please ask the teacher to contact the AMEB (NSW). The candidate must complete this notice and give it to the examiner at the examination.

Written Examinations

A Notice of Examination for face-to-face written examinations is forwarded to the teacher approximately two weeks prior to the examination date. This provides details of the time and location of the examination. The candidate must present this notice at the examination venue.


AMEB examiners are professionals in their field and highly trained to conduct quality assessments and provide informative reports in accordance with the syllabus objectives and their roles in maintaining examining standards. Each examiner must also undertake a Child Protection Course and is made aware that their interaction with candidates creates a special, trusting relationship. Our procedures comply fully with the Working with Children Check legislation.

Examiners are aware that undertaking an examination can be a stressful experience for some candidates and they do their best to interact with candidates in a manner which will encourage the quality of performance presented for assessment, whatever the age of the candidate. Like any group of people, examiners all have different personalities and these are reflected in individual personal styles. All examiners aim to be fair and helpful in their assessment. They give guidance in the form of detailed reports and have a genuine desire to nurture all interest and talent that comes before them. However, it should also be understood that an AMEB examination is a formal process to be conducted within a set structure and timeframe.

Parents and guardians: You are urged to support and encourage your child in a positive way, regardless of the examination outcome. Ensure that your child understands that an AMEB exam need not be a stressful experience. Instead, it should be viewed as a means of assessing your child's musical or speech and drama ability and the effort and preparation that has been put into their studies.

Candidates: Prepare well by ensuring that you have practised sufficiently and know your pieces, then relax and enjoy the examination experience. Examiners know you may be nervous and will take this into account. Above all, enjoy your studies and your performances, whether your goal is to become a professional musician, actor or teacher, or to enjoy the subject as a hobby and creative outlet.

We hope you have found this information helpful and we wish our candidates every success in their AMEB examinations!

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