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When is the AMEB (NSW) Office open?

The office is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. The office is not open on Saturday or Sunday, but exams are often held at Clarence St on Saturdays as well as during the week.

How do I get an AMEB Teacher Number?

If you have not enrolled candidates for AMEB (NSW) exams before, you will be assigned a Teacher Number as soon as you register for AMEB Connect NSW. Go to the AMEB Connect NSW section of this site and click on the “Get Access” button.

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What is AMEB Connect NSW?

AMEB Connect NSW is a an online access program on this web site for teachers, private enrollers and examiners.

If you are a teacher or private enroller, you can:

  • enrol your students
  • see when your candidates' exams have been scheduled (note that these dates are provisional until you receive your Notice of Examination forms in the mail)
  • check for any errors in your personal details and correct them
  • view candidates' results as soon as they are added.

If you are an examiner, you can:

  • provide your availability
  • see your examining timetable once exams have been scheduled
  • check for any errors in your personal details and correct them

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How do I gain access to AMEB Connect NSW?

If you are a new teacher or private enroller, go to the AMEB Connect NSW section of this site and click on the “Get Access” button. You will be asked to provide some contact details.

If you are an existing teacher, private enroller or examiner, go to the AMEB Connect NSW section of this site. Use the email address that we have on file to log in. If you do not know your password, you can request to have our system generate and email a password to you by clicking on the “Request a New Password” button. These details in combination will allow you to access your own enrolment information, but nobody else’s.

Where do I find the correct subject codes for my candidates’ exams?

Subject codes are listed in the current Enrolment Handbook.

Can I still enrol candidates if the closing date for the series has passed?

You may be able to enrol candidates, depending on whether exam scheduling has begun for that series. A late fee of $60 per candidate will apply. Closing dates appear in the Enrolment Handbook and on this website.

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How do I register a scheduling request for candidates’ practical exams?

At the time of enrolment
Provide details in the Scheduling Request box at the bottom of the enrolment page. Keep scheduling requests brief and clear. You cannot request specific dates for exams, or make requests regarding specific examiners, but you can specify dates to be avoided. While every attempt is made to accommodate your requests, please note they cannot be guaranteed.

After you have submitted your enrolment
Provided the examination has not yet been scheduled, forward a completed Scheduling Request Form along with your $30 scheduling request administration fee to the AMEB (NSW) office. Payment will be processed only if we are able to fulfil your request.

How do I avoid my students’ exams being scheduled at the same time as their school assessments such as NAPLAN, HSC etc?

Please indicate the dates to be avoided in the same manner as a normal scheduling request. The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW website includes a timetable for HSC exams. NAPLAN test dates and other exam information are available from the NAPLAN website . These dates are also listed in the Enrolment Handbook.

What additional requirements apart from the practical exam do my candidates need to complete their qualification?

From Sixth Grade up to LMusA, candidates need to complete Theory, Musicianship or Music Craft exams before they receive their certificate for their practical exam. The Additional Requirements are outlined in the current Manual of Syllabuses and the Enrolment Handbook. There is no time limit to complete the additional requirement.

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Will I receive a refund if my candidates withdraw from their exams?

A full refund (less $30 per candidate administration fee) will be issued if a written request is received before the closing date of the relevant session or postcode period in which candidates have been entered.
Exam Series dates and corresponding refund dates are included in the current Enrolment Handbook and on this website.

A 50% refund will be issued if written notice of withdrawal is received:

  • For written exams, at least four weeks before the commencement of the particular series.
  • For practical exams, at least eight weeks before the commencement of the relevant Series or Postcode period.

How can I transfer a student’s practical exam date and what will it cost?

You must submit a request for transfer at least two months before the commencement of the relevant examination series or postcode period. If the exam has been scheduled, a Request for Transfer form should be submitted, along with the applicable fee and necessary documentation supporting the request for transfer. Substantiated grounds for transfer, transfer fees and other detailed information are provided in the Enrolment Handbook. You cannot transfer a student’s exam from one year to another.

How do I find out my candidates’ exam dates?

We aim to send a Notice of Practical Examination to you for each candidate approximately three weeks before the exam date. Examination notices are also available to the teacher or private enroller online through AMEB Connect NSW.

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Why does all the exam information go to the teacher rather than the candidate?

The AMEB is a teacher-based organisation – when a teacher signs an enrolment form, they are signing a contract with the AMEB, certifying that they are familiar with the contents of the AMEB Manual of Syllabuses for the current year and with the current Enrolment Handbook. It is the teacher’s responsibility to pass the relevant information on to their candidates or to their parent or guardian.

How do I participate in the AMEB Syllabus Review process?

You can participate via the Federal AMEB website.

How do candidates obtain their results after the exam?

Reports including results for Practical Grade and Diploma exams are returned to the AMEB (NSW) office, where they are scanned and uploaded to AMEB Connect NSW within 2 to 3 weeks of the examination date. We aim to post certificates to teachers or private enrollers approximately four weeks after the exam.

Written Grade exam results and certificates are sent to the teacher or private enroller approximately eight weeks after the exam.

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Can the AMEB recommend music teachers to candidates?

No, the NSW privacy laws prohibit the AMEB from giving out teacher details. However, the Music Teachers’ Association of NSW provides a register of accredited private music teachers in NSW. The Speech and Drama Association of NSW provides information on speech and drama teachers.

Does the AMEB provide an accompanist?

No. It is the responsibility of the candidate to provide a suitable accompanist. You can contact the Accompanists' Guild of NSW which provides a register of professional accompanists.

Where do I buy music for AMEB exams?

Grade books and other AMEB resources can be purchased online through AMEB Connect NSW. The AMEB office also has a range of grade books and technical workbooks available for purchase. Music retailers also stock AMEB publications and manual list pieces. The Publications section of this site lists available publications. In Publications available from NSW Office you will find a downloadable order form and a list of other material available from our office. Some AMEB Syllabuses and past examination papers are available for purchase and download from the Federal AMEB website’s Online Store.

Last updated October 2016

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