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David Potts

Examiner Number: 1048

David Potts was a member of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for 32 years. Originally an industrial chemist he changed professions to join the ABC National Training orchestra when it started in 1967. He joined the SSO in 1970 and soon began to teach privately. While in Europe with the SSO, in 1995 and 1997, he reviewed his teaching methods with three leading teachers, Tom Martin, Duncan McTier and Knut Guettler.

As a double bass player in the SSO David was always interested in the wide range of instruments and their sounds that make up a symphonic ensemble. He attended many auditions either as Musicians' Union representative or as a panel member. From all this experience he has gained a good understanding of the general concepts, principles and techniques shared by all stringed instruments as well as the particular demands posed by each.

David is still very active musically as a freelance player and an examiner for the AMEB. He also has more time to enjoy teaching the double bass, both privately and at schools.

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