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The AMEB Advantage

Our commitment to quality


Our assessment system for music, speech and drama is the most widely used in Australia with a history that extends back to 1887. There are many well known Australian musicians who began their music studies through the AMEB, and still more students who have played purely for pleasure. They have all found that AMEB assessments provide them with a sense of achievement and an incentive for study towards their next goal.


AMEB syllabuses are flexible enough to allow some tailoring of students’ programs of study at particular grade levels. To aid in this, each grade is provided with a wide range of pieces from which teachers and students can make their selections. There is a strong commitment to Australian content in our syllabuses, and Australia’s best composers are represented at each level.

Of course, technical work is also important for good performance, and students are given a full program of exercises to follow as part of their practical work. At higher levels, they are also encouraged to develop a theoretical understanding of music.

Standards of achievement

The AMEB’s commitment to quality means that students who pass exams receive a qualification which is widely recognised and respected. For students who plan to go on to tertiary studies, AMEB exams are recognised as the benchmark for entry into tertiary institutions Australia-wide. Our awards are also recognised internationally by such prestigious institutions as Cambridge University in the UK.

Perhaps the most important results are a better idea of performance standards, awareness of a broader range of repertoire and a sense of achievement.

Information online

The website of the AMEB (NSW) is regularly updated to provide useful information, including enrolment forms which can be downloaded and access to the AMEB Connect NSW which provides information on enrolments as they are processed.

The success of the AMEB’s role in developing standards of performance and scholarship has been achieved through the support of teachers in all states. Our federal office website allows broad participation in syllabus development. Syllabuses are regularly updated and reflect best practice in music, speech and drama education.

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