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About AMEB - Music - Speech - Drama

A comprehensive system of support

For each major subject area, the AMEB provides a comprehensive selection of support materials, including fresh and accessible syllabuses based on direct consultation and input from teachers and students.

Also available is an extensive range of handbooks, scale books, technical work books and grade books, Contemporary Popular Music course kits with backing tracks, as well as past examination papers. All educational materials have been designed and developed by experts, and all are priced to deliver exceptional value for money.

What's more, because of the size and scope of the AMEB's network we are able to provide a powerful range of personal services to help teachers enrich the educational experience for their students and prepare them as effectively as possible for exams.

Regular workshops and seminars are conducted and personal meetings are encouraged, to strengthen the relationship with teachers, and to ensure that the development of AMEB syllabuses and educational materials is tailored to their needs.

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